A Baby Blanket for Kaitlyn

I absolutely love creating projects when given a theme! My very good friend’s daughter will be welcoming a baby boy into the family in January and it was no surprise when Lori told me that Kaitlyn was planning on decorating the nursery using a space theme. Kaitlyn has always had a calling for all things space which eventually led her to study aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan. I wanted to make something special for Kaitlyn and her little guy so I thought a space themed baby blanket would be perfect for both mother and baby.

I needed a little inspiration so I searched the internet for a photo that I could use to choose my colors. This was the photo that inspired this particular project.

I really loved how the colors moved across the page in this picture and I wanted to replicate that. I wanted a smooth movement without abrupt lines in color changes so my option was to paint the warp. It was my first time painting a warp and I loved it. Can’t wait to give it another go! If you’d like to try painting a warp and need a little info, just visit my How to Paint a Warp blog post where I provide step by step directions.

Now to choose a pattern. I found this star pattern on Handweaving.net. After weaving a few samples to be sure I had the right sett, it was perfect for the feel I was going for.

I wove Kaityln’s blanket using 8/2 cotton set at 24 epi for the warp. I wanted the blanket to be 35 inches wide on the loom and I wove 40 inches of pattern weave. For the hem I wove 1 1/2 inches of plain weave on each side. Here’s what the blanket looked like on the loom.

For the weft I wanted a little bit of a sheen so I opted to use cottolin- which is a blend of cotton (60%) and linen (40%). I used 8/2 Lavande cottolin (purchased through Webs) and it gave it just the effect I wanted. After washing the dimensions of the blanket was 33 1/2″ x 37 3/4″.

I had some fabric left over – just enough to sew up this little teddy bear.

I have to admit I’m a little emotionally attached to this bear and blanket. I had to paint the warp a few times to get the effect I wanted and since I haven’t really sewn for a few years, constructing the bear was a bit of a challenge. I’m going to have to practice embroidery for the next bear, but overall, I’m really pleased with how it all turned out. Now to wrap it up and ship it off to Kaitlyn.

And a sweet little picture of baby Tobias on his blanket.

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