A Baby Blanket for Kemper

We are certainly in a fun period of our lives. My own children, along with my nieces and nephews, are starting families of their own. Right now it looks like we’ll be having quite a few girl grand babies in our family and my niece,Marissa’s baby, Kemper is expected to join the crew in December. Marissa is always ahead of the game and her nursery is nearly complete. She opted for a pink, gray and white decor. With this preplanning, I was able to weave a baby blanket using the chosen colors just in time for her upcoming baby shower.

Awhile back I purchased this merino/cotton blend yarn from Hobblii. I just loved the pink and wanted to experiment with a blended yarn. The yarn sat on my shelf for quite some time, but when Marissa’s mother sent me the picture of the nursery, I knew it was perfect for her baby blanket.

This yarn is necessarily considered weaving yarn so for sure I needed to sample to get the correct sett and determine shrinkage. I have to admit, I don’t particularly like to weave samples, but I’m sure glad I did with this yarn.

Above is a picture of the specs of the yarn. After weaving my sample, I determined that I would weave this blanket using a sett of 10 epi. I also learned that I needed to be very careful with my pics per inch (ppi) keeping it to 10 ppi as well. I also decided that after washing, I would place the blanket in the dryer. As it is a baby blanket, it’s kind of unreasonable to think that Marissa will lay flat to dry every time, so why not find out what will happen once in the dryer.

In terms of design, I decided to use an asymmetrical design and divide my space in two. The pink was the primary color for the large block and then I alternated thinner gray strips with white- I divided this section into five. My plan was to weave two blankets, one twill and one basketweave. I wanted my blanket to be 36 inches wide so my warp was 360 ends.

My tie up was a standard twill tie up and I just treadled 1-2-3-4 for the twill blanket.

I somewhat did a tromp as writ, however, added two more stripes to the white/gray area and a few more inches to the pink area. After washing, the blanket ended up being 32 x 50 inches.

For this blanket, I wove a 2 1/2 inch hem using 6/2 white cotton and then did a little Italian hem stitching before starting on the body of the blanket. I really liked this detail.

Here’s a picture of Kemper’s cousin, Margot, posing for a picture.

For the second blanket, I treadled on opposites for the basket weave. So I treadled 2-4 over and over again. I ran out of warp before finishing the intended design so I had to pivot. I can’t say I love this blanket. I wanted to try something other than twill, so it was a little different from what I would normally do. Glad I gave it a try, but not something I’ll do again for a baby blanket.

The yarn is really soft, but I’m not 100% I’ll use it again. I’m concerned about pilling, but only time will tell. I much prefer the twill blanket, but glad I tried something different with the basketweave. Hoping baby Kemper loves it!

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