A Handwoven Baby Blanket in Plain Weave

I’m on a baby blanket making roll! My little granddaughter is due in July and I’m experimenting with different yarns and patterns in hopes of making that all time perfect blanket. I really want to try to get some texture into my new blankets so I purchased a textured/twisted cotton yarn from the Yarn Barn of Kansas. I’m hoping that not only are the blankets textured, but super soft as well.

The yarn I purchased was Henry’s Attic Curly Q yarn and 8/4 cotton in peach and taupe. Here’s a close up of the HA Curly Q yarn- isn’t it beautiful?

I wanted the blanket to be 35 inches wide. I opted for an asymmetrical design making the taupe section 20 inches in the warp and the peach section 15 inches. The sett was 12 epi meaning that I needed 420 ends. This blanket was woven in plain weave so there was no need for floating selvages.

I’m also experimenting with color and weave techniques. I wound the warp as 2 color-2 curly-2 color-2 curly and so on. Take a peek at the picture below. I think you can see how the colors changed.

I also wove it this way as well in the weft. So I threw two pics of taupe followed by two pics of curly followed by two pic of taupe and on and on. I wove tromp as writ meaning that I wove 20 inches using the taupe and curly and then 15 inches using the peach and curly. Weaving this way created a pinwheel effect.

Here’s a close up of those little pinwheels.

I actually really like how the colors play together. Look at those little pink threads in the taupe warp. So sweet.

For the hem, I simply wove 2 inches in plain weave using only the taupe 8/4 cotton. After turning the hem and sewing in place, it created a 1 1/2 inch hem. For these heavier baby blankets I prefer a thicker hem.

I really do like this blanket. It’s super simple and wove up quickly. It gave the texture that I was looking for and is soft. I wouldn’t say “super soft and squishy”, it just has a basic nice softness to it. I’m actually thinking it would make a better bath towel for the baby rather than a baby blanket. Definitely could be a blanket, but I’m going to continue my quest for “the perfect” blanket.

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