A Very Special Handwoven Baby Blanket

Oh, to be a grandma. My friends who have grandchildren have always told me you never know this kind of love. It is so true. We’ve been anxiously awaiting the birth of our first grandchild and on June 22 we were blessed with a sweet little girl named Margot. For several months prior, her mother (Kassie, my daughter), and I have been experimenting making baby blankets with different yarns and structures. With her arrival fast approaching we had to make some final decisions. Kassie presented me with a picture she planned to use in the nursery. She just loved the bright colors of this frog. We decided to use this picture as an inspiration.

Not only did I love these colors, but I also loved the patterns on the frog’s clothing. In particular, when I saw the wavy pattern on the scarf I immediately thought of Strickler 728! So I used this weaving pattern as a start. I also took a look at my stash of 8/2 cotton and pulled colors which matched the frog and placed them in my inspiration sketch book.

I wanted the baby blanket to be 36 inches wide using a sett of 20 ends per inch. When accounting for the pattern, I ended up having 719 ends plus the two floating selvages. I used three different threadings in the blanket to get the effects mirroring aspects of the frog picture. Below are the threading sequences:

To create the wavy effect on the frog’s scarf I pulled out aspects of Strickler 728. For this section I used the following colors: Vieux Blue, Light Blue and Yellow Orange.

For the divider band I used a straight twill in Fuschia and Rose.

The third section was a bit more complicated. I divided this section in three and used three main colors: Yellow Orange, Light Orange and Ceyenne. Using the Fibonacci sequence, I placed 5 stripes in the Ceyenne main section, 3 in the Light Orange section and two in the Yellow Orange section.

I used the following tie up:

For the weft I used the five main colors. The entire draft looks like:

I just love how the colors look when on the loom.

Here is the woven blanket. Each little section looks so different depending on the color of the weft. As Kassie puts it, “It just brings me joy”.

And here’s my sweet little grandbaby wrapped in her handwoven baby blanket.

I absolutely love this blanket. It does bring joy! I’m very happy with the sett of 20 epi and it has such a soft and lovely drape. I think that 20 epi is my favorite sett for 8/2 cotton. I had some extra fabric left over and made a bunny. It was challenging sewing with handwoven fabric, but I love the end result.

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