Fun with M’s and O’s and Huck

I’ve been wanting to make bath towels for a while now. I just haven’t found the right structure or pattern that worked. Well, that’d would be up until now. For the past two years I’ve been taking online weaving classes through Jane Stafford’s School of Weaving. The classes are amazing and I would highly recommend them to any weaver. I loved Jane’s most recent episode – M’s and O’s and Huck Go on a Second Date. As I was weaving her project, I thought this would be a perfect structure for my towels. Before weaving a large project, I’ve come to learn (the hard way) that weaving samples is wise. Since the towels I plan to weave are not a replicate of Jane’s project, but a variation, I decided to weave a four hand towels before starting the larger towels. This will allow me to test my sett, but also experiment with different designs. Below is the threading used for the towels. It’s a simple 42424 13131 42424 12121 43434 12121 repeated over and over. For these towels I added two ends of plain weave on each end (4, 1 in gray) and also used the gray as a floating selvage.

For this project I used 6/2 cotton purchased through the Yarn Barn of Kansas. I love the feel of this particular cotton. The three colors are: Sienna, Dark Gray and Natural. I decided to use a sett of 16 epi. So here are the three towels:

I decided to weave the first towel in the M’s and O’s structure. My tie up was the following.

I relied on my old friend Fibonacci to help with the design of the towel. As you can see, for the weft, I started with two stripes, then three, then five. Then the pattern was reversed. The white portions were a full unit (15 pics) with the first and last woven with dark gray. The stripe portions were one third units (5 pics) woven alternating colors.

I love the way those little 1/3 units look like little bows.

For the next few towels, I decided to weave in Huck so I needed to change the tie up. I stayed with this tie up for the remaining towels.

The treadling for these towels were different as well. For block A 242421 is treadled and for block B – 252521. For the second towel, the A blocks were in natural and the B blocks in color. Relying on the Fibonacci again, I used the numbers 3 and 5 for stripes.

The effect is super cool! Look at those little dots. Just love them!

The next two towels are similar in terms of how I incorporated color and weave into the weft, but the overall design is different.

I really liked the alternating dot patterns with the huck. For sure this will be incorporated into the final bath towels.

These towels turned out great! They were so much fun to weave and I definitely have ideas for the large towels now. I’m going to use these as hand towels for a little while to check out their absorbency then hopefully get started on the final project on the big loom.

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