Handwoven Baby Blankets Part 2

My daughter, Kassie, wanted to weave a baby blanket for an upcoming baby shower for a good friend. The date of the shower was on the calendar and we chose the yarn and fiddled with a design at least a month in advance- well, then lost track of time. It was only three days before the shower that we realized that we hadn’t yet started the blanket- yikes!

I’ve been sampling different types of yarns to see what I like best for making baby blankets. I found this yarn at our local Hobby Lobby and was anxious to give it a go. I really want these blankets to be useable for our new moms so it’s important that they can be easily washed. That’s why I’m leaning toward weaving blankets with 100% cotton. Kassie chose a base yarn with 5 different colors and then two coordinating solids. Her friend, Molly, will be having a little boy and she thought this colorway was perfect!

We chose a simple four shaft twill to weave this baby blanket. Using the iWeaveIt software we designed the blanket. When using yarn cakes with multiple colors, it’s difficult (impossible) to program the color changes in the program so we represented that yarn cake using the gold color. Here’s our design.

I actually did some sampling before weaving the blanket and found that a sett of 10 epi worked best. I wanted the width of the blanket to be around 32 inches and, accounting for take in and shrinkage, I wound a warp of 360 ends (that would be 36 inches on the loom). I wound a 3.2 yard warp, which was a little too much, but I’d rather have too much rather than too little. Next time I’ll save a bit of yarn and wind 2 1/2 yards. Here’s what the warp looked like on my AVL Dobby loom.

After the warp was on the loom and I wove a 1 1/2 inch hem using a neutral color 8/2 cotton. I then wove the main part of the blanket ending again with a 1 1/2 inch hem- then it was off the loom!

Before washing, the blanket measured 33 inches wide (one inch take in) and 38 inches long not including the hem. After washing, the blanket measured 31 1/4 inches wide and 35 inches long.

Here’s the final baby blanket. Kassie did the majority of the weaving and it was her first weaving project on a floor loom. She’s super proud of the baby blanket she wove for her friend. Not only is it beautiful- the yarn washed up so nicely and it’s incredibly soft. Now to wrap it up and run off to the baby shower.

We loved this yarn so much we ran back to Hobby Lobby to purchase more. Hobby Lobby was having a 30% off sale so it was time to stock up. For the next version of this blanket we’re going to change the design a bit. We’re thinking we’ll put 6 inches of the variegated yarn in the center as we would have liked a bit of gold in the center of the blanket. We may also make it a bit smaller by going 340 epi and shortening the length by a few inches.

Here’s sweet George wrapped in the blanket.

Items and Resources Used in this Project:

Yarn Bee Sugarwheel Cotton: Sunroom Sunday, Linen, Iron Fog. All purchased at Hobby Lobby

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