Handwoven Christmas Stockings

It’s always a little nostalgic when my family decorates for Christmas. My grandmother on my father’s side was a weaver and also ventured into needle crafts such as needlepoint. My grandmother on my mother’s side crocheted. Both loved Christmas so we have quite a few ornaments and Christmas decorations handmade by both my grandmothers. They are such cherished items and certainly bring back memories. As my family grew, my grandma Sayler made Christmas stockings as each child was born. We all love these stockings and bringing them out during Christmas is super special.

It was then no surprise that my daughter, Lizzie, wanted heirloom stockings for her new family home after her summer marriage. Lizzie is a crafter so she wanted a hand in creating the stockings and she had in mind exactly what she wanted. Lizzie’s home has a modern country vibe with an olively green as a prominent color. Lizzie was drawn to a fabric I wove for a tote bag earlier- she liked both the colors and pattern. The base pattern is a twill pattern developed by Pat Bullen and can be found in the May/June 2021 issue of Handwoven magazine. Pat happens to be a very good friend of my aunt Dee Dee so it was kind of fun weaving the pattern. Pat’s pattern used bright colors and was modeled after wrapping paper. Ours used muted colors and we changed a few things in the pattern. I wove the fabric using 8/2 cotton in the following colors: Navy, Olive, Burgundy, Gold and Chocolate. I wove it at 24 epi with 421 warp ends. Here’s what the pattern looked like on my iWeaveIt software.

Liz made her own templates for the stockings and she put the directions for sewing the stockings on her blog The Up North Chalet. If you’d like to make your own stocking using the fabric you wove- or actually any fabric, you’ll want to be sure to check out her How to Sew a Simple Christmas Stocking blog post.

My aunt Dee Dee personalized the stockings by embroidering their names on the inside. Love it!

They look so awesome on Lizzie’s mantle. Hoping they bring her as much joy as we have each year we hang them up.

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