Installing the Automatic Cloth Advance on my AVL Dobby Loom

Ever since purchasing my new to me production dobby loom I’ve been wanting to install the automatic cloth advance system. This is an add on feature for the AVL dobby loom which allows you to weave consistent picks per inch (ppi) AND it automatically advances your warp. This means that you do not have to get up from the bench, release the break and crank the warp forward manually each time you need to advance your warp. With each beat of your beater bar, the gear system of the automatic cloth advance moves your warp. AMAZING!! This will make weaving so much faster! Although I think I’ll love this feature, I really wanted the system so that I can weave consistent picks per inch. I’m going to be weaving fabric to make clothing and having consistent ppi is critical. I’m going to be weaving plaids and I want those strips to line up exactly at the seams.

When ordering your cloth advance system for your dobby loom, you’ll have to first consult with the AVL service team as they will need to match the system’s features to the loom you have. The directions and photos in this blog post are for a PDL dobby loom with a metal cloth beam axle using a bottomswing beater bar. If you have an overhead beater bar the directions for installation are likely very different.

So, here’s what the system looks like when it’s installed on the loom looking at it from the side:

Here’s a close up of the hardware that’s attached to the wooden cloth support. Again, this picture is taken from the outside of the loom.

Now let’s take a look at the system from inside the loom.

Thank goodness there weren’t a lot of parts and assembling the system wasn’t so bad. I have a little bit of an advantage as I have an engineering type husband who is fascinated with the mechanics of how looms work. So with that and having the two of us on the project – it was a pretty quick assembly process. Ed and I created a YouTube video on how we attached the system. Again, the directions are specifically for an AVL Production Dobby Loom with a bottomswing beater bar. If you have this loom and want to attach this system, we hope you find it helpful.

Happy weaving!


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