Let’s Weave Strickler 728

Oh the ever popular Strickler 728. I’ve seen so many very cool projects using this pattern in the Facebook group Strickler In Color that I just couldn’t wait to give it a try. A Weaver’s Book of 8 Shaft Patterns edited by Carol Strickler contains patterns specifically for 8 shaft looms. It’s one of the most popular reference books for weavers. Members of the Facebook group use those patterns to create projects and then posts them in the group. This way you can see the patterns “come alive”.

If you have an 8 shaft loom and own the book, you’ll for sure want to join the Strickler in Color Facebook group.

So to design my dishtowels I first transferred the pattern into the iWeave It app on my iPad. This way I could play around with the colors and get an idea of what the end product may be. This is what I ended up with using the natural color as the weft. For these dishtowels I used 8/2 cotton with a 24 epi sett.

I really wanted certain sections of the patten to stand out- primarily the wavy chocolate section with the dusty teal in the center. I knew I was going to use the neutral as the weft so I wasn’t too concerned with how the colors interacted with each other when overlapping.

Of course I wish I was better at record keeping so I don’t have all the names of the colors that I used in the project. This is Maurice Brassard 8/2cotton ordered through The Woolery. From right to left the colors are: a dark green (not sure specifically), Dusty Teal (I know for sure), burgundy or wine color (not sure specifically), Natural (for sure), Chocolate (for sure), Rouille (for sure), and Pumpkin (for sure).

One towel was woven with the Natural as the weft (my favorite) and one using the Chocolate as the weft (Lizzie’s favorite). I think they’re going to make a great addition to Lizzie’s kitchen in her new home.

Items and Resources Used in this Project:

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