Weaving Baby Blankets with Sugarwheel Cotton

I really LOVE weaving with this cotton. Not only do I love the feel of the cotton, the colorways are just beautiful. I wove my first blanket for my daughter Kassie’s good friend Molly who welcomed her baby boy earlier this October and it turned out great. Here’s a picture of our original blanket using the colors Sunroom Sunday, Linen and Iron Fog.

With a few more friends having babies on the way, we decided to weave the same blanket using different colorways. So off we went to Hobby Lobby to choose our colors. For our neutral gender blankets we chose to use Citric Grove, Muted Sage and Tangerine. I couldn’t wait to get home and get these colors on the loom! Dark orange is one of my favorite colors.

I opted to stay with the same dimensions as the first blanket. I wove the blanket at 10 ends per inch (epi) and wound 360 ends so that the blanket was 36 inches in the loom. I wove each blanket to be 40 inches long. After washing the blanket was 31 inches by 36 inches. The 4 shaft pattern that I used is as follows.

I actually wound the warp long enough to weave four blankets. Because some of the blocks were using the variegated yarn, I ended up sometimes with one or two warp strings of one color surrounded by other colors. For this particular blanket, I kind of like that effect, but for upcoming blankets I may choose to be sure to have more solid blocks of color in the warp and try to avoid that wandering warped colored string.

For the hem, I wove one and a half inches of plain weave using 8/2. After washing, I totally turned the hem in on the blanket and then hand stitched it using a coordinating color.

Here’s how our four blankets looked like after they were off the loom, washed and hemmed.

As much as I loved weaving the orange, green and sage colorway, I was really looking forward to weaving with the pink and gray colorway. The colors in the blanket are Nutmeg Nibbles, Iron Fog and Nutmeg.

Ta da! Love these!!

Phew! 12 blankets completed with three different colorways. This cotton is just so squishy and lovely. It makes such beautiful baby blankets.

Just a little update- some of these blankets have found their forever home. Rosalie’s grandmother was so kind and sent this picture of her new grandbaby snuggled in the orange blanket.

Just one more share- this time it’s a picture of my daughter, Lizzie, with her new niece.

Just an idea for the future- try weaving the blanket at 8 epi.

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